Medical tattooing

Medical Tattooing

Nipple Areola Tattoo

Kathryn now offers medical tattooing which enables her to create a realistic nipple and/or areola for you in a private, comfortable, and relaxed environment. This treatment is offered to breast cancer survivors who have had a full or single mastectomy,  nipple reconstruction, scarring due to breast augmentation, reduction or uplift, necrosis following surgery, or for those who are lacking pigmentation/size in the nipple/areola area.  

This procedure is a 2 part treatment with the second session 6 weeks later.

A free consultation is required prior to booking treatment.
It must be at least 6 months post last surgery before we can perform your procedure as the skin needs time to heal.

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Unilateral (single ) tattoo £200 2nd session £50

Bilateral (Double) £350 2nd session £100

Scarring due to breast surgery  £200 2nd session £50

Areola pigmentation tattoo £200 2nd session £50

  • Avoid Saunas, Sun Beds, Hot Tubs, Prolonged Showers or Baths, Swimming Pools and Sweaty Exercise for the first 7 days.
  • Exercise should be kept to a minimum as sweating will push out colour that we would like to settle in the skin.
  • From day 2 your colour may feel like it is getting darker, it is as this is the usual healing process.
  • During the next 4 weeks you will follow a roller coaster of colour from Darkness, to Fading to Re-appearing. No re-treatment can take place under 4 weeks. We advise 8 weeks for medical areola tattooing or scar treatment.
  • Appointment Day – BEFORE YOU LEAVE a Breathable and see through film of dressing called Saniderm is applied over the tattoo. This is left on the skin for 3 days. You can shower and wash as usual, wear all clothing and even exercise.
  • DAY 4 | On Day 4 after your morning shower PEEL back the dressing and throw away. Before applying a NEW dressing clean the area with cool boiled water. Pat dry with kitchen roll NOT TOILET ROLL or a TOWEL as we do not want any fibres on the area. Now REAPPLY a NEW DRESSING to the tattoo. (Remove the paper side first, then offer up to the tattoo and then remove the crispy clear side, smooth out all creases) Keep this new dressing on for another 3 DAYS…
  • DAY 7 | Again after your morning shower peel back the dressing, throw away and apply a small amount of After Ink the aftercare cream. All Medical Tattoo’s will require a second session, we ask for a 6 week gap between appointments.

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