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A lip tattoo involves using a specialised technique, similar to traditional body tattooing, where coloured pigment is added to the lips to give them the perfect definition, volume and symmetry.

Lip tattooing gives you the opportunity to create a fuller look without the filler. Enhance the shape of your lips by us manipulating the pigment. A lip tattoo can go a little over the lip line. Enhancing the shape of your lips through lip tattooing really helps those with asymmetrical lips, giving them their desired symmetry. Many people get a lip tattoo to enhance the colour of their lips, better known as Lip Blush. By adding a colour of your choice to your lips, you will no longer need to wear lipstick. You can go with a soft enhancement, or you can go bright and bold with full coverage, choosing a lipstick colour of your choice as a guide for pigment colour, so you won’t need to spend your day reapplying your lipstick over and over again.

Another added benefit of adding coloured pigment to the lips with a lip tattoo is that we can help clients who are experiencing hyper or hypopigmentation. We can neutralise dark colours in the lips, making them appear lighter or we can enhance pale lips giving them colour.

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