Permanent MAkeup


Permanent Makeup

It’s no secret how much people worldwide love their makeup; it has been around since the early 1900s after all. Although we love makeup, there is no denying that the daily application and removal can be frustrating, especially for your eyebrows or eyeliner that you need to be symmetrical. We’re here to tell you that we have a solution.

Permanent makeup gives you the chance to wake up daily with makeup already applied—no removal, non-surgical and non-invasive. Permanent makeup is a technique similar to a traditional tattoo but pigment is implanted into the skin’s upper dermal layers to enhance your face’s natural features, such as your eyebrows. It creates a colour that resembles makeup and you will no longer need to spend hours in the mirror trying to achieve that perfect look.

There are a few reasons someone may want or even need permanent makeup. Applying makeup daily can be very time consuming as well as cost you a lot of money, having to rebuy certain cosmetics regularly. Permanent makeup does not need to be applied anywhere near as often, so it works out cheaper and is less time consuming in the long run. Also, some people suffer from dexterity conditions that make it challenging to apply their makeup; with permanent makeup, they can have the makeup they want, helping boost their confidence without worrying about applying it in the first place.

What to expect?

Your Appointment


Kathryn will go through a thorough consultation process with you and discuss medical history. You will discuss your treatment in detail to achieve the look you desire.

Initial Treatment

The initial treatment is around 2 hours long. This includes mapping the area and colour selection so you know what you are getting and make sure you are happy with it. We can decide what shape/colour best suits you.


Kathryn will go through all aftercare with you at the end of the treatment. You must follow all aftercare instructions in order to achieve and maintain the best possible results.

Follow Up Appointment

This appointment is made at the initial appointment and is usually 6-8 weeks later. This is to perfect any areas that may need tweeking or if you want to go bolder or darker.

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